Where should I travel next? A complete guide to picking your next destination


The first thing most travelers think when they get home from a vacation is almost always, “where should I travel next?”

There’s something about being a world traveler, an adventurer, someone who wants to explore culture, that just calls for the next grand adventure.

Here at Champion Traveler, we build tools that should help anyone looking for the next perfect adventure.

Travel tools

Travel weather map – If you want to make sure to get some sun, or prefer your vacations more in the snow, this map will help you determine the perfect location to plan your next trip. You can get very specific about the types of weather you want to experience, then the map will quickly show you the locations that meet your criteria.

The best time to travel anywhere – If you know where you want to travel, you can use our handy search engine to see when the best times to travel there are. For example, if you want see when the best time to travel to Spain is, simply search Spain, and you’ll be presented with plenty of information including temperatures, busy seasons, safety, and more.

Where should I travel next? – Coming soon!

Curated travel guides – Looking for specific advice on a city? How about some advice on the best travel apps for families? Here you’ll find tons of great content that offers this type of advice. No need to scour the internet for individual sites covering these things, we’ve got it all here, hopefully making your trip planning as straightforward as possible.