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Do I really need car rental insurance?

In the past, renting a car could be a hassle. But now with improved logistics, helpful apps and a bit of data, renting a car has never been easier. But one question comes up at the airport car rental kiosk each and every time, and it's leaving some people stumped:...


Here are the Eleven Things People Hate Most About Flying

This might be a sensitive time to be polling people about their experiences traveling, given the holidays having just ended, but we took a two-week poll of 1,766 travelers and asked them what their least favorite things about flying are. Below you can see the full...


What Travel Sites Are Most Trustworthy?

It seems like there are hundreds of options when it comes to booking travel plans. But how do you know if the sites you are using are trustworthy? Some questions people often ask when booking a trip through a travel site for the first time: Is this really the cheapest...