Travel Weather Map: The Best Places to Visit [Interactive]

Start by choosing the week you want to travel on the “filters” panel. Then select the weather you like most. We’ll show you the places that are perfect for you in that week. You can also click the location on the map for far more info. The link below includes the same information, but with Celsius temperatures and centimeters instead of inches.

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Interested in a specific location? Use the search bar to see if we have more info in our database of tourist destinations.
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Where is the data from?

The weather data is collected from stations across the world by NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Our data genius grabbed the last few decades of weather data and combined them to show averages. Remember that the map is not a forecast, but it is a very accurate representation of average weather. If you’re planning several months in advance, this tool is for you. If you’re planning to travel next week consider using a standard weather forecast instead.

Why did you put it together?

We love to travel across the world, but cold weather isn’t our thing. We wanted to not only put a resource together that would show us where to travel at any given time. If you already know where you want to go we’ve also put a lot of work into making pages that will tell you when to travel there. See, for example, this page on Ireland. Use the search box above if you already know where you want to take a trip.

How is rain -1?

-1 is the value we use when areas don’t report on rain. This helps differentiate places with no rain reported (ever) from places where there was actually no rain for the week you select.

Can I use this on my site?

You may use images of the map above or the embedded map as long as you add an attribution link back to this site. Get the embed code by clicking the “share” button above.

What if I want more detailed stats on a place?

We strongly recommend looking up our “best time to visit” pages for each tourist destination. Use the search box above. You can also try to find it on the map above and click the button, but you will have to find a week that matches the filters on the right. These pages include more data on things like snow, wind, rain, temperature, and humidity.