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Should You Book a Business Trip on Expedia?

Perhaps you're new to business travel expenses or you're at a new job where you're just not sure whether using a site like Expedia is the appropriate way to book a trip. The answer is typically: "sure!" but there are a few things to consider before booking a business...


How Does VRBO Work?

So you're curious about this new trend in vacation rentals, and VRBO has you interested, right? Below we'll explain how VRBO works, the things you need to know, and help you find the perfect place to stay for your next vacation. For those of you looking to rent your...


Which Countries is VRBO Available in?

International travel can have all sorts of complications. But with sites like VRBO, it's actually quite easy because almost all of their services are available in every country in the world (see below for a complete list). Here's the details on which countries VRBO is...


How to List & Rent Your Place on VRBO for Free

VRBO is one of the leading vacation rental platforms online and worldwide. They service almost every country in the world and, like their more-famous competitor AirBnB, offer both renters and vacationers life changing experiences at a fraction of the cost of a hotel....