Price Check: How Much Does a Trip to Japan Cost?


Japan is a destination many Americans have on their list of places they’d love to visit. Traveling to Japan (and the larger Asian continent) can be expensive due to the long flight distances involved. Japan, in particular is a highly developed economy as well so you won’t enjoy the cheaper prices you might see in say Cambodia or even China. But how much does it really cost to travel to Japan with your family or as a couple? Maybe you just watched Westworld and are excited about Shogun World (not a real thing, sorry). We did the research for you and are able to give you a ballpark figure today on what the price of a Japanese trip might cost. Our best estimate based on the criteria outlined below is that a trip to Japan costs about $1355 per person.

Cost of a Trip to Japan


Adult Couple


($1099 per person)

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 Family of 3


($926 per person)

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Family of 4


($914 per person)

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Family of 5


($867 per person)

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Total cost of trip above calculated using Expedia’s travel tool and includes the following: 3 Nights Stay in a hotel in central Tokyo, coach level flight (the cheapest available 3 months in advance of the trip) and a shuttle between the airport to your resort and no checked baggage. Children are presumed age 10 in our searches. We used an average of the price flights from five different locations to Tokyo, Japan (Portland, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Orlando and Chicago). We also added $150 per person to our totals to compensate for those random expenses you’ll encounter including food, transportation etc. Your extraneous Japan travel cost metrics may differ. Prices of a trip to Japan will vary based on your time of booking but we hope the above figures can still be useful as a general estimate. Adjust your personal estimate for a trip to Japan if you’d prefer to stay in a more luxurious hotel or want to upgrade your seats to first class on the flight.

The Cost of a Flight to Japan (Tokyo, HDA)


When adding travelers to your Japanese travel plan the main cost will come in their fight ticket (assuming you do not require an additional or larger hotel suite). Each flight to Japan will cost an average of $855 per person from the US. Discounts are not given for ordering more plane tickets to Japan as you’ll be using the same number of seats. This is common practice for all airlines.

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Price of Hotels in Japan (Downtown Tokyo)


For our calculations we used a hotel in downtown Tokyo, Japan. On average a night in a hotel room in Japan is only $115 on average. You can upgrade to a nicer room for additional fees but this figure is the average price of a hotel in downtown Tokyo Japan. There are many ways to cut down on this cost including finding a hostel in the same Japanese location, sharing a room with multiple people or parties, and choosing a hotel location less central to Downtown Tokyo.

Cost of Other Travel Accommodations in Japan (Transportation, Food etc)


We included an additional $150 per person in addition to your flight and hotel in the figures above but that is quite a conservative figure if you’re someone who wants to try eating in Japan’s finest restaurants. Anyone who has traveled to Japan, or anywhere for that matter knows that there are many costs that are in the background of your Japanese adventure including purchasing art or gifts along the way. Be honest with yourself and adjust this figure up or down per person depending on what you think you’ll spend in Japan.

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We hope this has helped you plan your budget for a Japanese vacation or trip in the near future. We’ll update this page with additional averages as they change. Be sure to use our travel weather tool to determine the best time of the year to visit Japan as well!