Published by Carson on December 17, 2018

Sometimes it’s tricky to find the best neighborhoods to book a hotel. Sure, you might be able to filter by 5-star hotels on every travel site, but I’ve certainly booked 5-star hotels in run-down questionable neighborhoods. On a recent trip we stayed at an excellent 5-star hotel, but there was always a pack of young men on the corner staring us down every time we left the hotel. It was uncomfortable to say the least. If had existed at the time I’d definitely have used it.

The site is currently only up for travel in the US, but I find the maps insanely helpful. Take a look at this image from the site’s New York City page. I found the representation of the most expensive neighborhoods to almost exactly reflect my experience, and in a better format than I’ve seen on any other site. The map is also interactive if you click.


This is a game changer for travel in the US. The site already boasts an impressive collection of data useful for travelers: home price, walkability, bike and public transport friendly areas, and quite a bit more. Check it out, look at your neighborhood, and keep it in mind next time you book in an area you’re unfamiliar with.