Great weather and good prices: Los Angeles, California (the United States). The flight from RAP to LAX is relatively affordable at $204. The temperature for this week goes from 77°F (25°C) to 61°F (16°C), with an average of 67°F (19°C). Precipitation chance hovers around 2%.


Unique Weekly Suggestions
Affordable flights with nice weather: San Jose, California (the United States). RAP to SJC should be a cheap flight: about $308. The weather is pleasant with highs around 78°F (26°C), lows around 54°F (12°C), and average daily temperatures around 64°F (18°C). Significant rain is unlikely with a 3% chance of rainfall.

Excellent weather with good prices: Chicago, Illinois (the United States). Check out the RAP to MDW flight for nearby highs around 69°F (20°C), lows around 51°F (11°C), and average daily temperatures around 59°F (15°C). Precipitation chance is about 18%. Flights may be as low as $343 for the main cabin.

Uncommonly nice weather with unusually low prices: Dallas, Texas (the United States). The weather is about as nice as it gets during the year. Highs reach 85°F (29°C), lows go to 65°F (18°C), and average daily temperatures are 74°F (23°C) and a rain chance of 13%. Ticket prices aren’t too bad versus the average RAP to DAL flight at about $819 this week.

Unusually low prices with uncommonly good weather: Indianapolis, Indiana (the United States). This is usually the best time of year to save on this trip. RAP to IND flights cost about $378. The temperature isn’t too bad with average temperatures at 60°F (15°C), and temperatures going from 73°F (23°C) to 45°F (7°C) with 18% chance of precipitation.