Perhaps you’re new to business travel expenses or you’re at a new job where you’re just not sure whether using a site like Expedia is the appropriate way to book a trip. The answer is typically: “sure!” but there are a few things to consider before booking a business trip on Expedia, including your company’s specific policies.

Benefits of Booking a Business Trip with Expedia

  • On the whole, smaller companies who ask you to book the trip yourself (and later expense it for reimbursement) allow great leeway when it comes to booking the trip so you’re often free to keep credit card and Expedia rewards points for yourself when the trip ends! That’s one of the main benefits of using a company like Expedia to book the trip. Be sure to check with your employer to make sure this practice is okay. For some larger companies, they prefer to book for you for this very reason (they want the points themselves)
  • You’re also able to “bundle” flight, hotel and car into a single transaction which makes keeping receipts a lot easier.
  • With big travel sites, you’re also invited to purchase travel insurance for a small percentage of the trip cost. This often allows you to change your flight time later on, cancel part of it or otherwise edit your itinerary. Without this, you might be sticking the company with a bill for a flight change later.
  • Expedia will act as a 3rd party, or a lightweight travel agent on your trip to help make sure everything goes smoothly. If you’re going somewhere you haven’t been before or aren’t well-versed in complicated international travel, their guides and representatives will be able to help.
  • You may actually save your company money by bundling and saving. If you’re an Expedia member and use it frequently you might even get a great deal for them!

Book Your Trip on Expedia

Should I Buy a First Class Ticket for my Business Trip?

The answer to this question will vary wildly from situation to situation. Here are some things to consider:

  • How long is the flight? If it’s international or >5 hours you’d be more justified in upgrading
  • Is there a deal for business class or first class tickets on this flight? You may be able to use your own points to upgrade
  • What is your position at the company? Are you an important manager? Do you have a “C” as the first letter of your title? Use unbiased judgement here.
  • Can you save the company some money on this trip in another way? Stay with a friend in the area, skip the rental car etc?
  • Try upgrading at the gate or the day of. Sometimes First Class Business seats open up for a fraction of the cost.

Find a Cheap First Class Flight


Be sure to check with a fellow employee to consider your particular company’s travel policies. Expedia and other bundling travel services are usually fine for booking a business trip and offer the perks mentioned above as well. Have a great business trip!