VRBO is one of the leading vacation rental platforms online and worldwide. They service almost every country in the world and, like their more-famous competitor AirBnB, offer both renters and vacationers life changing experiences at a fraction of the cost of a hotel. Add to that a dedicated customer service department and you won’t have to worry much when you’ve listed with VRBO for free.

List a Rental for Free on VRBO

You’ve likely heard about folks renting out their properties on platforms like VRBO and you’re looking to do the same for yours. Maybe you need the extra income or you’d just rather put your normally vacant property to work while you’re not using it. Listing your place on VRBO is completely free and a great choice for easily listing your home for vacation rental online. Here’s how to do it.

Deciding Whether Listing on VRBO is Right For You

Listing your place is easy with VRBO but there are some responsibilities that you should consider before taking the plunge. Remember, you can always have a rental agency handle these pesky details if you’d like but here are some things that will need doing:

• Create your listing and keep it up to date (super easy)
• Respond to traveler inquiries and screen guests
• Manage reservation dates and payments (VRBO helps with this!)
• Respond to traveler’s questions while on their stay
• Clean and maintain your property (or hire a service to do so)
• Register your property and pay taxes on your bookings where applicable

If all of these sound simple or you’re planning to have someone else do them for you, great! You’re ready to list your place on VRBO:

List a Rental for Free on VRBO

What You’ll Need to List on VRBO

Before you get starting listing your rental on VRBO you’ll need a few items in hand (don’t worry, they’re pretty basic):

  • The property address
  • Digital Photos of your property—interior and exterior as well as amenities will help sell your place!
  • Rental rates (have an idea in mind of how much you’re looking to earn)
  • Bank account information so that you can be paid by VRBO

Got all that in hand? Let’s move on to actually listing on VRBO.

Step by Step Guide to Listing on VRBO

VRBO has a very simple process for listing. First you’ll need to tell them what type of property it is (house, apartment, cabin, cottage, condo etc):


Next VRBO needs details about the place including how many people can live in the space and the number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms:


After that VRBO will need the address of the rental:


After this step you’re asked for some personal information (phone number, name etc) and then you’ll see a list of steps that need to be completed additionally:


This list may look long and scary but most of them are tivial. You’ll do the following and be good to go earning extra money on your rental with VRBO:

  • Add some Photos (6 minimum and more is even better)
  • Secure your account with a verification code
  • Add your bank account information
  • Choose your pricing
  • Add any special rental policies you want tennants to adhere to

That’s it!  Your listing will be live and millions of people around the world will be taking a look within hours. It will look something like this (though you get to choose your own title):


Listing your rental on VRBO is quick, easy and can change your family’s lives with the additional income you’ll be earning. Be sure to spruce up your listing with amazing photos, juicy details about the amenities and walkable area. This will increase the chances of someone choosing your place to rent on VRBO.

Ready to go? Let’s do it:

List a Rental for Free on VRBO

Additional VRBO Rental Resources

VRBO has put together a guide for renters that dives into some of the other questions you might have about renting out your vacation home. There are a few legal considerations and answers to questions like “what should I do with my personal stuff?”. View that supplemental guide here (PDF).