So you’re curious about this new trend in vacation rentals, and VRBO has you interested, right? Below we’ll explain how VRBO works, the things you need to know, and help you find the perfect place to stay for your next vacation.

For those of you looking to rent your property on VRBO, and curious about how that works, we have some advice on that here as well. Check it out:

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How do I rent a house on VRBO?

VRBO has one of the most straightforward vacation rental platforms out there. Follow their handy filtering options to sort by location, house size, amenities, restrictions, and price. Then, once you have selected your desired parameters, you will be shown both a list and a beautiful map with all the available houses that you can rent following your requirements.

Make sure you select the dates that you will be traveling to ensure availability.

Once you have gone through the process of finding the perfect rental, you will be put in touch with the owner of the property to work out final details and ask any questions you might have about the rental.

The best part of VRBO is how protected you are as a consumer. VRBO has fraud protection against fake listings, as well as consumer protection if you arrive at the vacation rental and it isn’t as promised in the listing. If something is wrong with the rental, VRBO will work to find you an immediate replacement to ensure your vacation is still perfect. Check out our guide to VRBO safety here.

How do I rent out my house on VRBO?

Have a rental property sitting on the market, available for renters? Want to make extra money using VRBO to rent out your house when it’s vacant? It has never been easier to find safe, reliable tenants to rent your place.

First, follow the simple listing questionnaire to get a general idea of how you should go about listing your home on VRBO, and you’ll immediately be able to list your home once your profile is built out. VRBO is available in over 190 countries so you’ll get eyeballs of potential renters from all over the globe. This will ensure that your rental will be viewed by plenty of customers. VRBO is one of the largest networks of vacation-seeking renters in the world, so you know it will be an easy way to make extra income on your properties.

You can easily set availablity, put limits on all sorts of different things (Don’t want pets in your rental? No problem!)

List a Rental for Free on VRBO

With the way the global travel economy is moving, now is a great time to familiarize yourself with the new and best way to rent properties or to find renters for your properties. Have you used VRBO? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!