How Much Does a Trip to Paris, France Cost?


So you’ve just watched Amelie and are excited about a potential trip to Paris, France. Paris is a complex city and your trip cost will vary based on the type of outing you’re there for. Airfare to Paris from the United States is easier than ever with direct flights coming out of almost every major city. Our best estimate of what a trip to Paris, France will cost is about $1,305 per person with additional travelers costing another $915 each.

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Cost of a Trip to France

Adult Couple


($1303 per person)

 Family of 3


($1173 per person)

Family of 4


($1109 per person)

Family of 5


($1070 per person)

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Total cost of trip above calculated using Expedia’s travel tool and includes the following: 5 Nights Stay in a hotel in central Paris, coach level flight (the cheapest available 3 months in advance of the trip) and a shuttle between the airport to your resort and no checked baggage. Children are presumed age 10 in our searches. We used an average of the price flights from five different locations to Paris, France (Cleveland, Seattle, San Diego, Washington DC and Boston). We also added $200 per person to our totals to compensate for those random expenses you’ll encounter including food, transportation etc. Food in Paris is particularly expensive and you’ll have to try hard to stay within that $200 budget (or not!) but we wanted to make sure we kept our pricing low for those of you thriftier Paris travelers.

The Cost of a Flight to Paris (CDG)


When adding additional travelers to your Paris vacation package the largest cost will come from subsequent airline ticket fees. On average using the criteria outlined above, we found that an airline ticket to Paris booked three months in advance cost about $715 round trip. If you’re checking a lot of baggage, want first class seats or even a seat in the exit aisle on your trip to Paris the price will go up. Find the latest deals on airfare to Paris on Expedia:

Price of Hotels in Paris (Downtown)


For our calculations above we used a hotel centrally located in downtown Paris. Booked three months in advance the average price of a hotel in Paris was about $155 per night. If you want a more luxurious stay in Paris you’ll have to pay more. Depending on what your Paris plans are you might also have to book a hotel in a more expensive location than our example hotel. As a world-class city, Paris hotel rooms run the gamut in terms of pricing.

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Cost of Other Travel Accommodations in Paris (Transportation, Food etc)


Let’s face it, you’re going to bust your budget (and quite possibly your gut) on this Paris trip. We included $200 per person to accommodate other expenses such as food that vary wildly between different types of Parisian travelers. We won’t tell anyone that you’re going to double that amount of money spent in Paris but you should be honest with yourself in terms of budgeting. Don’t skimp on the food in Paris because that’s one of the main reasons to visit.

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We hope this has helped you plan your trip to Paris. Having a solid estimate on what a trip to Paris might cost will help you decide whether it will fit into your family budget. We’ll update this guide to the cost of a Paris trip as conditions change. Check out our guide to the best times of the year to visit Paris as you plan your adventures.