How Much Does a Disneyland Trip Cost?


If you’re a family of four chances are you’ve had your children or spouse muse about a possible trip to Disneyland. A family vacation to the theme park that started it all would be nice, of course but how much will it cost these days? We’ve done the research for you and below are the numbers you’ll need to see if a trip to Disneyland fits into your budget. We’ll give you the cost by child and adult so you can easily calculate your total expected price.

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Cost of a Trip to Disneyland

Adult Couple


($1099 per person)

 Family of 3


($926 per person)

Family of 4


($914 per person)

Family of 5


($867 per person)

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Total cost of trip above calculated using Expedia’s travel tool and includes the following: 3 Nights Stay in a hotel inside Disneyland resort property, coach level flight (the cheapest available 3 months in advance of the trip) and a shuttle between the airport to your resort and no checked baggage. Children are presumed age 10 in our searches. We used an average of the price flights from five different locations to Anaheim, California (New York, Tallahassee, Seattle, Kansas City and Austin). Prices to Disneyland will vary based on your time of booking but we hope the above figures can still be useful as a general estimate. Additional travelers would cost an average of about $650 and would likely require an additional hotel room as many hotels have limits on the number of guests per room. A hotel room inside Disneyland resort will cost between $300 and $400 per on the lower end of the luxury spectrum.

The Cost of Disneyland Tickets for Your Party

For our overall prices above we used $350 ticket per person which would include 5 days of park access with a park hopper pass. Another way to look at it would be about $70 per person, per day. Prices for Disneyland tickets improve as you add days to your trip so even shaving off a day from this calculation and you’re only saving $60 in total. We included access to the park for ALL days of the trip in our estimate above so that if you arrive early or leave late you’re never left without something to do. It seems worth the $60 to us!

The Cost of a Flight to Disneyland (Anaheim, CA)


When adding children to your Disney travel plan the main cost will come in their fight ticket (assuming you do not require an additional or larger hotel suite). Each flight to disneyland will cost an average of $211 per person. Children do not usually receive a discount on flights to Disneyland because they still take up a seat. You can always upgrade to first class or a seat with more leg room for additional fees. But we’re assuming you want the cheapest option for this Disneyland adventure.

Flights to Disneyland


Price of Hotels Near Disneyland (and IN Disneyland!)


For our calculations above we used the least expensive, cheapest hotel within the Disneyland resort (Paradise Pier Hotel) and prices were about $300 per night, less if you book in advance and more if you booked closer to today’s date. Expect to pay more for the more luxurious hotels within Disneyland ($4-500+ per night) and less for a hotel outside of Disneyland ($150-200). For our money, the convenience of being inside the park makes it worth it. You may need to arrange for additional transportation if you choose a hotel too far away from Disneyland entrances. Especially if any of your party members have special needs like a stroller or wheelchair, you may want to cut out some of the massive amount of walking you’ll be doing on this trip.

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Cost of Other Travel Accommodations Near Disneyland (Transportation, Food etc)


We included the cost of a shuttle to Disneyland in our calculations above which cost an average of $45. Some hotels include this shuttle for free so be sure to check with the hotel you’re staying at near Disneyland. We just wanted to make sure you got there! In our calculations above we did not include the price of food, gifts, toys etc which could be a major expense for some travelers. Because families travel differently and spend very differently we wanted to leave those extemporaneous, impulse purchases to your own calculations. Expect to pay at least another few hundred dollars per person on the trip for all of the little things we couldn’t possibly list here!

Good luck on your Disney adventure, folks. We hope you’ve found our estimate and guide to the true price of a trip to Disneyland useful. Check out our guide to the best time of year for visiting Disneyland as well, in terms of weather and safety.

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